Gross anatomy of the intestines
Surgical Anatomy
Small Intestine - Terminal Ileum
  • Last portion of the small intestine
  • Enters the cecum
Anatomy of the Colon
Large Intestine - Cecum
  • Cul-du-sac of the large intestine
  • Has tenia coli – a set of 3 longitudinal bands
  • Has haustra which are small pouches along the colon
Multiple orientations of the appendix
  • The appendix is a thin, worm-like blind diverticulum
  • Attached to the cecum
  • Suspended by the mesoappendix
Vascular Supply
  • Midgut origin embryologically
  • Blood supply originates from the Superior Mesenteric Artery (SMA)
  • Appendiceal artery originates from the ileocolic artery which is a main branch of the SMA
    • Artery lies within the mesoappendix
Identification of the appendix
  • Confirm the identification of the cecum by identifying the tenia coli
  • Confirm that the tubular structure you have identified is attached to the cecum
  • Confirm another tubular structure, though not ending in a blind pouch, is attached to the cecum (the terminal ileum)

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