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80000 Hours

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Our aim is to help as many people as possible lead high-impact careers.

We do this by providing career advice for talented young people who want to have a social impact.

Over a third of young graduates want to make a difference with their careers,1 but they have little idea what to do—many think it’s a choice between working in the social sector or giving up and “selling out.” Existing career advice either doesn’t address the question of how to have a social impact, isn’t based on much research, or doesn’t have much in the way of concrete, comprehensive advice.

As a result, each year, much of the potential impact of our most talented young people is wasted, either because they end up in low-impact jobs or because they turn away from the idea of making a difference altogether. Our goal is to help our users get the meaningful careers they want, funneling more talent toward the world’s most pressing social problems. [1]