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Welcome Swahili! Or, more appropriately, Karibu Kiswahili!

Appropedia inafuraha kuwatangazia mpango wake mpya wa Kiswahili! Na tumeanza kutengeneza makala kwa Kiswahili. Ukurasa huu unajumuisha vipelekezi kwenye makala zetu za Kiswahili zilizopo kwa sasa. Tafadhali tusaidie kukuza jamii yetu ya Kiswahili na maudhui! Sambaza habari juu ya mpango wa Appropedia wa Kiswahili kwa rafiki zako wa Facebook na Twitter! Tengeneza ukurasa mpya kwa Kiswahili! Tumia kipelekezi hiki kutuambia kurasa zipi unataka zitafsiriwe, au tujulishe juu ya maudhui yanayovutia ya Kiswahili ambayo unadhani yanafaa kuwemo Appropedia! Tuna bahati kubwa kuwa na Christopher Sam kama Mratibu wetu wa Kiswahili akifanya kazi ya kukuza jamii yetu ya Kiswahili. Unaweza kumtumia barua pepe kwenda, au acha ujumbe kwenye ukurasa wake wa maongezi.

Appropedia is excited to formally announce our new Kiswahili initiative! And we have begun creating articles in Kiswahili. Please help us grow our Kiswahili community and content! Tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter! Create a new page in Kiswahili! Tell us which pages you would like to see translated, or let us know about interesting Kiswahili content that you think belongs to Appropedia! We are very fortunate to have Christopher Sam as our Kiswahili coordinator working to grow our Kiswahili community. You can email him at, or leave a note on his talk page.

Appropedia is the site for collaborative approaches to sustainability, poverty reduction and international development. Learn more at our Mission page.

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New Dawn composting toilet
New Dawn composting toilet at a demonstration center in Costa Rica, helping treat human waste and provide fertilizer with a reduced bacteria count.

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