We have a number of mailing lists - all of them very quiet, so don't worry about being overwhelmed by email.

Appropedia community lists:

  • Appropedia Working Group, for all issues related to growing, maintaining and supporting Appropedia.
  • Appropedia Funding (fundraisers, donate pages, and the awareness-raising that goes with those.) This is private, but anyone can apply to join.

(Note: there is an older Appropedia Community list, but we are moving our focused activity to the Working Group, above. Other discussions are directed to the Village Pump, talk pages and other forums or social media as appropriate.)


Technical discussion lists:

Technical details and options[edit | edit source]

We are using Google Groups. We looked at using Mailman (an open source package) for the lists managed directly by the Appropedia community, but had trouble accessing the server; Google Groups is also more user-friendly. It doesn't use the appropedia.org domain, or archive on the appropedia.org domain, but it does have RSS feeds for the content, which might help to port the data to other more searchable formats.

Moving from Google Groups is easy (can export the subscriber list) so we're open to other options, e.g. if a reliable WordPress plugin is developed.

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