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MOST Delta filament as guide.JPG This page was part of an MTU course MSE4777 OA and MSE4777 OB/MSE5777/EE4777/EE5777: Open-source 3-D printing

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Project developed by [Austin Kastel]
This OSAT has been designed but not yet tested - use at own risk.
This OSAT has been prototyped.

You can help Appropedia by contributing to the next step in this OSAT's status.


  1. Calipers are needed in a variety of circumstances where precise measurements are required. Additionally calipers are often times limited in size and 3D printed ones will not be as accurate. This design utilizes a ruler so the accuracy of the product will be as accurate as a ruler and also scalable to longer length measuring sticks. This design is an improvement on a previous OSAT I found. Since this design doesn't require a ruler to be printed and it also includes the ability to measure internal diameters.

Bill of Materials

  1. Ruler
  2. Glue, I used a Plastic bonder by J-B Weld
    1. Upload and link to all source files from open source CAD
    2. Upload and link to all STLs

Tools needed for fabrication of the OSAT

  1. MOST Delta RepRap or similar RepRap 3-D printer

Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions

  1. All parts will need to be rotated 90 degrees in the slicer. The slider and Back will need to have supports generated for the overhangs.

Once they are all printed Glue the "Back" onto the ruler, put on the slider, then glue on the back plate.

  1. About 1 hr total for all three parts
  2. 5-10 min
  • Calipers fully assembled
  • Common Problems and Solutions

    • Make sure to put on the slider before you glue on the back plate

    Cost savings

    • If your solution is not a low cost one then it is not really appropriate.
    1. 1 dollar for a ruler, .50 cents in plastic and glue. 1.50 in total
    2. 8 dollar Vernier Calipers [1]
    3. 6.50 total savings or a 81% price reduction.



    External links

    1. All scad files and Stls can be found on my YouMagine page.

    [Category:https://www.youmagine.com/designs/calipers calipers]