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[[category: Queens Applied Sustainability Group]]
[[Category:Queens Applied Sustainability Group]]

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I am a fourth year mechanical engineering student at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I'm currently specializing in material engineering and working on a dual degree in Film and Media as well.


I find I'm constantly curious and take interest in how things function in everyday life. Being a little more specific, I have interests in renewable energy, nanotechnology, and magnetism. Moving away from the scientific side, I am also interested in media production, international development, and making people challenge traditional viewpoints.

I was in Dr. Pearce's MECH370 class and will be working in with the Queens Applied Sustainability Group this year conducting research into photovoltaics.

More information, including contact information, can be found at

Mat.png This page was part of a project for MECH370, a Queen's University class on materials processing. It is now open edit.

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