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Hi S.Keating,

Welcome to the Appropedia wiki. Please make yourself at home! If you need a general wiki-tutorial, see the main help page (or the more in-depth one on WikiEducator).

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Glad to have you here!




Really nice work -- very good project. Minor suggestions

  • Formatting: tie into appropedia with hyperlinks,
  • Content: Quantify the energy saved from implementing one of the examples - perhaps engines for what has been done - or better yet one of your ideas like bearings

--Joshua 15:46, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

Peer Edit[edit]


Really interesting and thorough project. I found that there was a great deal of detail in the processes mentioned but I would like to see more quantitative results. However, it seems that since it isn't an exact science, these might be hard to come by. I liked the link from your project to Peter's but I don't know if it is in the best spot. The link is for surface microstructure, where Peter's article is on the laser hardening of steel gears. I can see from reading his project the link you were trying to make but maybe a sentence into other uses of laser precision in controlling microstructure would be better than a direct link. Figure 1 I felt should be under Basic Underlying Principles since this is where it is referenced. Some of the Wiki links did not have pages in wikipedia, I don't know if this is of concern to you but figured I should mention it. The one link I could take a look at was for the use of it on piston rings to improve mileage, I believe. This could be something to mention as far as quantitative data to back up the use of laser surface texturing. I have been pretty picky as far as comments and that's because there isn't too much I can say as far as quality of the work. It's a very in depth and well organized project. Good work and hopefully something from here is of help to you.



Hi Steven,

You may be interested in using mark up for the math. You can use code to turn y = B1 + B2*X + B3*X^2 into


using the code


You can see more at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:Formula#Subscripts.2C_superscripts.2C_integrals.

Enjoy, --Lonny 17:40, 23 May 2009 (UTC)