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Jacob Burns

About Me

Im an ERE major at Humboldt State. My main area of focus tends to be in water: Groundwater systems, hydrology, rainwater catchment systems, micro-hydro systems, etc. I love to go rock climbing, hiking, to the beach, and just about anything else that gives a good excuse to hang out under the sun. I play a lot of guitar in my spare time and am in a local band in Arcata that goes by the name Juice Box Theory. Please feel free to contact me at or if you see me around campus feel free to say hello!

Interests in Engineering

  • Groundwater Sources
  • Appropriate Technology
  • Alternative Energy
  • Hydrology

Experience in Engineering

  • ERE 115 - Intro to Engineering
  • ERE 215 - Intro to Design
  • ERE 280 - Selected Topics in ENGR
  • ERE 210 - Statics
  • ERE 225 - Computational Methods I
  • ERE 305 - Appropriate Technology
  • ERE 308 - Technology and the Environment
  • ERE 211 - Dynamics
  • ERE 313 - Systems Analysis
  • Finished up to Calculus III
  • AP Environmental Science
  • Trained to 2nd level of Labview certification
  • Overall GPA - 3.4