Population growth

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Global fertility rates

The population growth is the speed in which a population increases.

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There is a popular myth that population growth alone determines our impact on the environment. In reality though, it is the combination of both the population size, as the (degree of) participation of each member on the economy, as the way in which each member chooses to use this wealth[1][2] that determines this.

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  1. Ie someone with millions of $ on his bank account can decide to park it there untill he dies
  2. Ie someone with a limited budget can still have a major negative impact on the environment, ie by starting a forest fire, and/or can also have other negative impacts (ie by disposing all his organically non-decomposable waste in the environment (littering), ...

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  • Falling fertility, The Economist, Oct 29th 2009. Argues that there is little more to be achieved in developed countries through population policy, as growth is already falling about as fast as can be expected. Thus emissions reductions in these countries must come through technology and governance.

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