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Authors Israel Duque
Status Deployed
Made Yes
Replicated No
Cost USD 338.99
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Hardware license CERN-OHL-S
Certifications Start OSHWA certification

Abstract[edit | edit source]


The purpose of this project was to design an outdoor math classroom for our client's representative, Beth Baker, at Catherine Zane Middle School. Mrs. Baker believes in outdoor class activities because she realizes that the traditional teaching methods are not beneficial to all students. The Bluenotes created a teachers podium, a coordinate grid, and a number line to meet the clients needs of an outdoor math education environment.

Background[edit | edit source]

Beth Baker, one of the math instructors at Zane Middle school, wished to engage students in an outdoor activity environment so she could assist students who struggle with practical applications of basic math concepts in a way that is engaging to students. The Bluenotes, consisting of Israel Duque, Jason Patrick M. Reid, and Roger Turlington, came together in Lonny Grafman's, Spring 2018 Engineering 215-Introduction to Design, class to create an outdoor math classroom.

Problem statement and criteria[edit | edit source]

Before meeting with the Bluenotes, Mrs. Baker used a portable coordinate grid. She wished to redesign the coordinate grid because it does not allow enough space for students to comfortably execute transformations. It was also difficult to set up due to its tendency to become tangled. The Bluenotes were also tasked with designing an aspect of the classroom that allowed Mrs. Baker to comfortably be the center of attention while giving instructions.

A set of criteria and constraints were developed with the client to clearly define what the client wanted. The criteria were weighted and used to make decisions about the design and constraints were limiting parameters on the criteria.

Table 1: Criteria definitions and weight
Citeria Weight (1-10) Constraints
Safety 9 Will not pose a health risk to students.
Durability 8 Maintenance less than 5 times a year.
Accessibility 7 Provides students with a learning outdoor activity.
Portability 7 will be able to row podium.
Flexibility 6 .Will be able to use the grid as first or four quadrants.
Cost 4 Will cost less than $425.
Environmental Impact 4 will not damage the environment.

Description of final project[edit | edit source]

The final design is a 13x11 rectangular coordinate grid. Each grid line is 4 inches wide and each node is 2 feet apart. The north and west outer grid lines, facing the coordinate grid with your back turned to the classrooms, are painted white. The south and east outer grid lines are painted green. The perpendicular grid lines located in the center of the coordinate are painted red. The different colors allow Mrs. Baker to give directions based on colors, making it easier for the students to grasp the concepts.

The Bluenotes also created a podium for Mrs. Baker to use while she is directing outdoor math learning sessions. The podium is lightweight and easily portable, allowing for minimal transportation effort.

Prototyping[edit | edit source]

Costs[edit | edit source]

Table 2: Material Costs
Quantity Material Source Cost ($) Total ($)
4 1"x10'PVC Pipe Ace Hardware 5.41 21.64
12 Tee 1"PVC Amazon 1.59 19.09
2 3-way elbow 1"PVC Amazon 13.76 27.52
1 1" PVC connectors - Straight Ace Hardware 0.69 0.69
40 10x3/4 dry wall screws Almquist Lumber .02 .80
24 pipe straps Ace Hardware 0.49 12.32
1 foam Tape Ace Hardware 3.99 3.99
1 PVC cutter Ace Hardware 13.99 13.99
2 3M PRO Grade 9x10 180GR Ace Hardware 1.79 3.58
2 SANDPAPR 9x11 GR80 ACE Hardware 1.79 3.58
4 Butterball Slide Formula Longboard Wheels clear/green core (75a) 70mm Tactics Skateshop 33.95 33.95
1 04BBI1/25X5 12MM Baltic Birch BB/BB 5X5 INTR Almquist Lumber 29.95 29.95
16 Marking Paint Ace Hardware 7.59 122.69
2 Podium Legs Thrift Store 2.49 4.99
1 Sidewalk Chalk CVS 3.99 3.99
1 Masking Tape Ace Hardware 1.99 1.99
2 Painters Tape PPG Paints 5.99 12.58
1 Box Cutter Ace Hardware 1.59 1.59
1 Stencil Material PPG Paints 14.24 14.24
2 Box of Wood Screws Ace Hardware 4.29 9.05
Total Cost 338.99

Testing Results[edit | edit source]

Upon the final testing, we found that the coordinate grid was effective, giving the teacher more time with the math activity, since there was no set up time. The number line had enough space to fit an entire classroom, and Mrs. Baker observed that students were using the number line outside of class time for fun!

How to Build[edit | edit source]


Cut out measurements of pipes.

Checking the frame out without glue

Assembled frame without glue.

Apply PVC cement

Apply PVC cement.


Add cross section support

Podium wood

Add the wood to create angled podium surface.


Drill pilot holes in wood panels.


Screw in 1" pipe holder into wood to secure wood from moving.


Draw mascot.

draw on tracing paper

Apply drawing to tracing paper.


Paint the outline.


Fill in the painting with color.


Final podium

the beginning

Paint the outer lines.


Set cardboard edges and paint between them.


Double the painting power.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

The grid and number line require little maintenance, and should last two to three years before needing to be repainted. The podium requires some maintenance one the wheels.

Schedule[edit | edit source]

  • Check on the bearing in the wheels.
  • Check on state of the paint.
Every 5 years
  • Sand down wood
  • Check wheel to see if replacement is needed

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Taking the wheel off

Take wheel off.

Use a screwdriver to take out bearings

Use a screwdriver to take out bearings.

Push new bearing inside the wheel and put wheel back in truck

Push bearing inside the wheel.

Push new bearing inside the wheel and put wheel back in truck

Pushing in the new bearing.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

Problem Suggestion
Wheel not spinning Change the bearing in the wheels
Broken legs Replace them (replacements were provided)
PVC broke Cut out broken section and mend using 1" coupling
Can't figure out how the activities work Contact Beth Baker

For complex issues contact ID6@humboldt.edu

Poster[edit | edit source]


Discussion and Next steps[edit | edit source]

The podium is to be delivered to Zane middle school. We met our goal of creating a podium, a permanent grid and permanent number line. The teacher is thrilled with the results, and the students are excited to engage with the grid. Some of the students enjoy the grid enough that they are playing on them outside of class.

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