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The goal of this project was to create a superior wine bottle chandelier for much less than the commercial counterpart. 3D printing was used to create a mount to sturdily hold the light bulb in place.

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Parts Needed to Create a Wine Bottle Chandelier[edit | edit source]

  • 3D Printed Mounts ($2.50)
    • Since each wine bottle may be different, it may be required to modify the openSCAD parameters listed at the top of the file to create a secure fit.
    • I found that for most bottles, a neck parameter of 18mm works well. Some bottles have a smaller neck, where you will need to adjust the size to 16.5mm. A sample 18 mm test piece is provided at the MyMiniFactory link listed below.
  • Top Wood Box Body ($0)
    • There are no specific dimensions. Decide based on how many bottles your chandelier can hold.
    • With some asking around, you may find someone with wood scraps. I used birch plywood.
  • Wine Bottles ($0)
    • The bottom of each bottle will need to be cut off with a diamond tile saw, or by etching the glass and breaking off the unwanted portion.
    • It is necessary to sand the bottom of each bottle thoroughly so that you will not get cut.
  • Wire (20.69)
  • Light Bulb Sockets (13.98)
  • Light Bulbs (15.99)

Access the Files![edit | edit source]

Files on MyMiniFactory:

Images[edit | edit source]

Cost Savings[edit | edit source]

  1. Cost to build: $53.16 (including additional materials to make another chandelier)

Comparable alternatives can go for as high as ~$820! That is a savings of about 94%.

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