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Utopia, for better Egypt

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JMC330 Project Page in Progress
This page is a project page in progress by students in JMC330. Please refrain from making edits unless you are a member of the project team, but feel free to make comments using the discussion tab. Check back for the finished version on May 15, 2013.

Utopia Egypt, Ethics Revolution, for better Egypt[edit]

Utopia, a non profit organization, fully administrated and run by students in Cairo University, the Revolution in Egypt is not just a revolution to do without a corrupted regime and bring a new one, it is also ethics revolution, where people should stop and look at their behaviors, manners and ethics and make sure that they are on the right track, and that is what Utopia Egypt decided to do, helping people change their bad behaviors and make sure their ethics are good and be more organized.

" "When I was young, we had real ethics" an old cliché we hear all the time from our parents and our grannies, but ethics is not an object that can get lost or broken, you can always restore it and rebuild it."

"The revolution was not the end of an old era, it’s the beginning of a new golden era, and we are just like you Egyptian youth who sees Egypt in need of reform, but we don't just talk and hope, along with hope we wake up every morning and go out to do something for our country. You cannot build a country without education, and what is the use of education without ethics, our main goal is to plant ethics in our society, starting from the children because they are the future. The day littering become a societal crime, cheating in the exam turn into a deserted habit, and you see everyone respecting the garbage man, is the day we will have Utopia on Earth." By: Utopia Egypt

The History:

Utopia is a student activity which was founded on April 1, 2010 by a group of engineering students to give Ethics Course, which was taught by .Dr. Sherif Abdel Azim "the founder of Resala Charity organization".


Spread Utopia Ethics at all of Egypt to Make Utopia our Home.


Achieving the main goal of Utopia to make Utopia's ethics are our way of life by our sessions, campaigns, projects and programs.


Ethics Revolution.


*(حملة أصحاب مكان )- It is our place Campaign:

A campaign that was launched right after the 25th of January revolution at Al-Shuhdaa metro station, They encouraged people to use the right metro doors for ascension and getting off to avoid collisions and also to stand in lines when buying the metro tickets and there were approximately 300 volunteers in this campaign. the idea of that campaign was because the accidents and the over crowded metro in Cairo.

After the revolution, Utopia team decided to have a new look for the campaign, five key points over five days so that each day they discuss a different point,some points were: -1-Public ownership -2 freedom of expression -3 Against sexual harassment -4 watch your tongue -5 Laugh .. be optimistic

*School sessions:

Utopia team goes to schools, meet with young students as they are the youth of the future, give them sessions about the right ethics, behaviors and manners, like cheating, saying bad words, respecting each other , etc. In the season 2011-2012 of Utopia, They have done 116 hours of school sessions in different schools in Egypt, and 163 hours for the season 2012-2013 (till now).

*(حملة سلاسل الأخلاق ) - Ethics Campaign:

A campaign which aims to publish the values and ethical principles in Egyptian street by raising some signs that contain ethical sentences. Utopia team stand in the street holding signs that has ethical advices, that way they remind people of the good ethics and have an effect on them so they follow these ethics.

*(حملة الصومال , من أحياها ) - Somalia Campaign, let's give them a life:

This campaign was launched because of our feeling of the commitment towards Somali people starvation, so we were motivated to spread awareness about this starvation in order to encourage people to donate to help those innocent people. This campaign lasted for three days and we were able to raise L.E 68,000 which was sent to the Somali people.

*(نص لتر حياه ) - Half liter life:

This campaign aims to help patients in need of blood by providing a huge database of donors to the hospitals, that make it easy for hospitals when they have data for people and their kind of blood, so contact them in case they need blood donation. Utopia has a data for more than 1,000 donors.

*Online Campaign to raise the awareness of people about using the energy:

Utopia team use their website, facebook page, twitter account and their youtube channel to do an awareness campaign for the Egyptian people about using the energy in a good way.

*Book Gallery:

Utopia team made a book gallery in Cairo University in collaboration with some major libraries, because Utopia team believes in the importance of the book and reading for the people.

*Mini Utopia:

Utopia team did not forgot the orphans, they did mini-Utopia for them where they go to them, make sessions, workshops and outings where they teach them about the ethics and values that they should have.

Utopia Egypt is still growing and having more fans and supporters, and looking forward to having many branches at different universities to spread their aims and get them done for a better Egypt.

Work Citation: https://www.facebook.com/utopiaegypt http://www.utopia-egypt.com/ Utopia magazine. http://www.youtube.com/user/utopiaegychannel?feature=watch