Pywikipediabot[edit source]

Do you know regex? If so, this might make some sense, and will help you get started... these are some commands that I've run in the past, to give you some clues into the bot. You don't have to use regex, of course.

E.g. replacing a tag when classes were over:

python -regex '(?si)\{\{(?:|Template:)305inprogress\s?\|(.*?)\}\}[\s?\n]*(.*?)((?:$|\[\[Category:))' '\2{{attrib class|Engr305 Appropriate Technology|\1}}\n\3' -namespace:0 -namespace:4 -namespace:6 -namespace:12 -namespace:14 -namespace:100 -namespace:102 -summary:'Changing old {{...inprogress...}} tag to {{class attrib}} tag.' -cat:'Project_pages_in_progress' -pt:02

Placing a tag at the top of pages in a category:

python -regex "^" "{{TheFWD header}}\n" -cat:"TheFWD"

Fixing double redirects:

python double -always pt:02

Btw, set up a bot account (e.g. TahnokBot) and Lonny can have it flagged as a bot (not critical, but it helps keep RecentChanges free of bot edits). --Chriswaterguy 10:30, 3 May 2011 (PDT)