• Skin work
    • Modify Vector
    • mobile/light skin
    • share this button
  • Vandal Protection
    • prevent spam account creation (Captcha)
    • setup vandal bot
  • Offline viewing
  • Forum
  • Cross site login
  • Liquid threads


So setup was pretty simple. I decided to run the automated config file maker


. Sadly it didn't have appropedia listed, but modifying the config file it made was pretty simple. I suppose adding file might have made this process easier.

Wasn't really clear how to do stuff from the quick start page IMO, but I took their suggestion and used first. Wasn't sure how it was supposed to be used so I just tried it with no commands. That didn't work :S

Instead you seem to have to specify a start page and maybe the name space (not sure). Anyways

python -namespace:2 -start:User:Tahnok

managed to work for me.


  1. are to stick to mainspace, Original: and Appropedia: spaces
  2. don't add a link if one exists.
  3. only link the first occurrence of a term (or one of its synonyms if applicable)
  4. avoid pages with {{.*?inprogress.*?}} (& if you can improve on any of my regex, please tell me - I'm learning too.)

List of items to link (via Chriswaterguy):

  • Developing Countr(?:y|ies)|Developing nations?|Third-world countr(?:y|ies)
  • Appropedia
  • Wikipedia
  • education.
  • volunteering
  • channel irrigation
  • drip irrigat(?:e|ion|ing)
  • irrigat(?:e|ion|ing)
  • flood(?:ing|s|)
  • laundr(?:y|ies|)
  • Overpopulation
  • population density
  • housing density
  • residential
  • mixed.use
  • ecology
  • open access
  • (?:open|free).licen(?:c|s)(?:es?|ing)
  • Open development wikis?
  • development wikis?
  • Open development
  • Humboldt State( University)?|HSU
  • CCAT|Campus Center for Appropriate Technology

Dev WikiEdit

To run a backupEdit

It seems it's just a matter of running

but I could be wrong. File contains warnings that it may take quite a while so I'm not going to touch it for now.


At the moment I have the key pair for from reCAPTCHA. Contact me if you need them

ConfirmEdit conflicts with the reCaptcha extension I was hoping to use. Thankfully ConfirmEdit support reCaptcha now. Sadly it's not a new enough version... :(

Enabled MathyCaptcha instead which uses <math> to make the question an image.

So it turns out ConfirmEdit needs to be running on the latest version of mediawiki which the dev wiki is not on.

Excellent! I've gotten my own personal wiki to run ConfirmEdit and recaptcha just fine!

2011-07 ReCAPTCHA using ConfirmEdit is live on but it has not slowed the number of spam accounts being created. Going to have to try something else instead. Perhaps blocking tor? Going to try and get a list of IPs from new users.


It seems to be freezing on node 4041... must bugfix. Stuck again today but this time on node 4011. It's a pity there isn't a better way to debug this silly program.


Trying to get a share this button or link. I have code Here that adds a tweet this link to the toolbox.



Mobile SkinsEdit

At the moment wikia has a nice mobile skin which is activated by default if you're on a mobile device. It doesn't support editing, but viewing works nicely

Alternatively there is iWiki which looks promising (it supports editing). Going to try and set it up on the dev wiki

And it turns out the skin doesn't work on android and the edit function doesn't seem to be working properly... oh well


So I am trying to create my own skin for the wiki that uses as little bandwidth as possible and fits well on mobile screens. I have a HTC Dream (G1) and a Nook Color which I will be using for usability testing.

Current Iteration:


  • Add colour
  • Incorporate logo?
  • Show/Hide content sections
  • Show hide tool boxes at the bottom

Elements of Mobile/Low Bandwidth SkinEdit

Please feel free to update or discuss this.

Please see User:Tahnok/mobile skin for more details

Current Status: It's a go on the dev wiki!

Offline ViewingEdit

There is an android app called wikidroyd that is capable of displaying offline copies of wikipedia. I assume you could make your own file and I will try to contact them about that.


Look into as it seems to be an interesting project that may go far in terms of offline viewing.

It looks like recent versions of the Collections plugin (which is currently installed) can create .ZIM files which can be viewed on any desktop/laptop using .

OpenZIM also apparently can create a file based on an html dump of a wiki

Anti Vandal BotsEdit

Let's see if I can set one of these guys up! I worry because some of them watch an IRC channel for recent changes, but I'm hoping they can be setup to run periodically.

Using this Bot Census


Looks like code is here

 svn co svn:// shadowbot 

Uses perl and IRC

And it appears to be dead, nvm


Won't run because you require a comprehensive database of good and bad edits for it to learn from and I suspect using wikipedia's database will cause issues as appropedia has lots of OC


Uses php Source


Written in PHP. Claims to be usable with any mediawiki site. Also under active development

 svn co antivandalbot  


Mediawiki/Wordpress IntegrationEdit

How will this work?

It looks like there are two ways to have accounts be drawn from Wordpresses database and that will log you into mediawiki and vice versa but this isn't what we want unless I can find a way to import a mediawiki account db into wordpress. See

This extension will export all usernames and emails and claims to be extensible to other fields (password hashes perhaps?)

Asked question on Server Fault


LDAP seems to be a fairly well developed and used authentication protocol that has plugins for wordpress and mediawiki

Someone else has tried to get users information out of mediawiki and into LDAP but he doesn't provide details... It's old (2007) but it's a start


I should look into how well openID works if I'm already logged in. I have some experience trying to use OpenID on sites and it doesn't auto log me in. I'm also not sure if we can restrict logging in on the blog to only users with OpenID accounts on a specific host. May not be possible because OpenID is supposed to prevent that.