I can see the need to add a category called "Crop rotation"

Hi. I am also new to wikis, but saw your idea here, and I guess it could be useful to add info around crop rotation and tillage practices in the Integrated soil fertility or in the category: Agriculture. Another interesting article is Soil-Friendly_Planting. I hope you have plenty of knowledge to contribute with! --Yeahvle 13:42, 11 December 2010 (UTC)

Thanks for that. I'll have to have a look around a bit more. I think crop rotation is pretty fundamental to agriculture and horticulture! I don't know how much knowledge I have, although I've been a gardener for a number of years. I studied horticulture at university, although I changed majors before I got my degree (mistake!).

I've been looking around more today and getting confused about Forestry. It looks like Category:Forestry is up for deletion, and I don't understand why. There are loads of pages related to forestry on Appropedia, including ones about deforestation and reforestation. It seems like Forestry should be a subcategory of Category:Food and agriculture, like Category:Gardening. --Pageaday