Template:W[edit source]

Hello, I reverted your change to {{W}} to preserve the brief superscripted "w" character. The template is very widely used on Appropedia; see Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:W. Please discuss changes to a widely used template before making them, as such changes can affect many pages. I am sympathetic to what you are trying to do, as Appropedia has very incomplete coverage of the many topics we might like to link to, so we routinely have to link to Wikipedia articles to avoid a sea of red links. There is no ideal way to make these links. Putting the entire word "wikipedia" in the superscript is untidy on pages that have many such links. Every other word in a sentence can become "wikipedia" making the text hard to read. We just have to trust our readers to figure out what the "w" means, which any intelligent person should be able to grasp upon clicking it. An alternative is to use interwiki links, which is also made unnecessarily hard on Appropedia by the lack of the compact "w:" prefix that just about every other non-Wikipedia wiki seems to use. But at least interwiki links have a slightly different color than (internal) wikilinks, which gives the reader a visual cue that a link is going off-site.

If you feel you really need to display the whole word "wikipedia" as a superscript, my suggestion would be to create another template to do that. For example, it could be called "W long" or "W l". But I don't think that is really necessary. I haven't seen any feedback on Appropedia:Village pump from readers who are confused about what the "w" means. Although if someone was confused by the "w", they might not know how to ask about it on the Village pump. --Teratornis 13:00, 16 April 2011 (PDT)