Uttam Dhakal

My name is Uttam Dhakal. I am an Electrical Engineer from Nepal. I Was Graduate in 2019 with first division from Tribhuvan University, IOE, Pashchimanchal Campus, one of the most reputed University in Nepal and world. Now, i am planning to pursue my masters degree in renewable energy. There is no course related to renewable energy in Nepal so i have to go abroad. Now, i am looking for assistantship position so that it would help my further study.

I will have the chance to learn about most recent renewable energy techniques. That will definitely put me on the right track to participate actively in the development of this field all over the world, more specifically in my country Nepal. After getting my masters degree my first aim will be to return in my country. Nepal has huge potential in renewable energy, however more than twenty percentage of population is far from use of electricity and more than eighty percentage of energy consumption in Nepal is met by tradition bio-mass energy. Nepal government aims to universal access to clean, affordable and reliable energy by 2030. If I get the chance to have the renewable energy master over your school, I will make good use of my background, skills and passion to succeed in graduate school, and better integrate the renewable energy field, So that I would be part of this plan. I will work hard to be a good representative of your school, because succeeding with brilliance is the only way for me to achieve the goals I set to myself.

Furthermore, I have already started engaging in the renewable energy field and this throughout my Undergraduate projects. My project was Modeling, Steady State Analysis and Rotor Side Control of Grid Connected Doubly Fed Induction Generator. I used software applications (MATLAB) to model and Steady state analysis of DFIG, I then entered Certain wind speed as input in my model, Produced Output as torque Vs. time graph with steady torque in certain seconds. I performed a steady state analysis by comparing this power produced on my model with standard wind power curve. By working on this undergraduate project, I became more familiar with wind power systems. I learnt how to globally design a green power system for a specific energetic demand. Not only project indicate my interest on renewable energy my presentation on Concentrated solar power system also helps to fortify my appeals on this field. After completed my bachelor degree I joined in an engineering consultancy as a research associate which helps me to obtain enormous knowledge about importance of clean energy in our future life.

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