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A self-motivated and result-driven graduate student pursuing a master's degree in Mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University with a specialization in Design and Manufacturing.

I have undergone two internships with OEMs related to the Automotive sector where I demonstrated my mechanical skills and knowledge for the timely completion of projects related to Crankshaft and Gas Spring manufacturing and development. These internships helped me gain more industrial hands-on experience related to product design and manufacturing. Completion of several projects during my internships and coursework helped me emerge as a team leader and critical thinker and develop interpersonal skills like time management and quick learning.

Key Competencies[edit | edit source]

  • Part modeling & Fixture designing using CREO, Catia, SolidWorks in compliance with GD&T ASME 14.5
  • FEA analysis (static structural) using ANSYS workbench
  • Fatigue life cycle testing in a simulated environment
  • CAD drafting using Autocad
  • Standardized work charts and process flow charts
  • Visual Work Instruction
  • Root cause analysis using DMAIC
  • Red-tagging
  • Six Sigma, 5S, 5 Why's, the fishbone diagram

Engineering skills: GD&T | CAD | FEA | FMEA | DFMEA | Drafting | Prototyping | DOE | DFR | Six Sigma | 5S | Lean manufacturing | Vehicle Dynamics | Tire TestRig |

Technical skills: SolidWorks | Catia V5 | CREO | Autocad | ANSYS | Hypermesh | Matlab | ADAMS| Python | SAP | SAS | MS Office |

Eager to connect with new people and get to know them and their work.

Please feel free to contact me at
Shubham Chinchane
Mobile: +1 (906) 370-7360

WORK EXPERIENCE[edit | edit source]

Manufacturing Engineering Trainee[edit | edit source]

Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd. | Satara, India (AUG 2018-JAN 2019)

  • Generated modified drawings in compliance with ASME Y14.5 standards for manufacturing using Solidworks
  • Designed holding fixture for unsymmetrical grinding of the crankshaft which reduced the machining time by 18%
  • Revised standardized work charts & process flow chart for V8 engine crankshaft reducing handling time by 26%
  • Created Visual Work Instruction (VWI) on the shop floor to boost the production and maintain a good work environment
  • Implemented root cause analysis to solve the problems faced on the shop floor to maintain proper flow of material
  • Conducted red-tagging on bi-weekly bases which reduced the waste and eased the maneuver on the shop floor
  • Managed inventory using SAP

Mechanical Engineering Intern[edit | edit source]

Ideal Gas Springs Pvt. Ltd. | Satara, India (DEC 2016-JAN 2017)

  • Induction training on operations: learned types of gas springs and its uses, ISO 9000 standard maintained, comprehended
    the part flow of assembly line and the continuous improvement plans applied
  • Performed fatigue life cycle testing and developed Standardized operating procedure (SOP)
  • Established 5S in the quality department as apart of 5 people team which improved the quality check time by 10%

ENGINEERING PROJECTS[edit | edit source]

Optimization of paper Car manufacturing process using Lean tools[edit | edit source]

  • Simulated given material flow and found 76% reduction in cycle time is possible after using root cause analysis
  • Used lean techniques like VSM, standardized worksheet to decrease the lead time by 82%
  • Improved worker force utilization and reduced number of operators by 25%, using line balancing techniques

FEA analysis of connecting rod using different materials[edit | edit source]

  • Performed static structural and fatigue analysis to find the critical stress concentration region
  • Designed new models with weight reduction and variable materials and compared result with a basic model
  • Concluded that aluminum has good fatigue life while with 10% reduced weight over other material

Reliability analysis for vehicle side impact considering various parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Conducted reliability-based data analysis using MCS, UDR, and FORM techniques in Matlab to conclude the
    best suitable method for the given problem with respect to MCS
  • Compared the results from each method based on the number of iteration and the error generated

FEA analysis of Redesigned camshaft for reduced NOx emission[edit | edit source]

  • Calculated the inlet, outlet valve lifts and timing using profile projector approach
  • Designed the CAD model of the cam lobes in CREO software using the coordinates traced from the profile
  • Developed a cam profile using Matlab for outlet valve to incorporate the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
  • Compared the static and fatigue analysis result to conclude newly designed camshaft within permissible FOS

Performance analysis of RWD pickup truck tires using ADAMS[edit | edit source]

  • Created a static maneuver of a given model in ADAMS to find the loads on each tire
  • Performed tire TestRig for different types of loading scenario to compare the longitudinal and lateral performance

MSE 5621 Open Source Scientific Hardware[edit | edit source]

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