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Recycled Concentrated Solar Heater
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Currently studying materials science and engineering at Michigan Tech. I became interested in the engineering field and found material science through the Michigan Tech summer youth programs. I furthered my interest by taking pre-engineering class and joining my high school's FIRST robotics team. I joined the wiring team because I had some experience wiring and knew I didn't want to be a mechanical engineer, where I eventually became the wiring team leader. The pre-engineering course gave me my first opportunity to work on a renewable energy project. I am excited to continue my materials science and engineering career and begin researching new advanced materials.

Research[edit | edit source]

Interests[edit | edit source]

I have no previous research experience and these are some areas I'd like to start in

3-D printing technologies[edit | edit source]

More accurate printing with a variety of materials including plastic, metal, wood, and photovoltaic

Photovoltaic materials[edit | edit source]

Increased efficiency of electromagnetic absorption with greater range of electromagnetic frequencies

Piezoelectric materials[edit | edit source]

Greater mechanical response to lower strength electric fields

Renewable energy technologies[edit | edit source]

Large wind kites and more efficient solar panels

Current[edit | edit source]

3DP OSCALD[edit | edit source]

3D printed open sourced atomic layer deposition system

Floatovoltaics[edit | edit source]

Thin photovoltaics with plastic rafts to float on water

Literature Review[edit | edit source]

Solar floatovoltaics lit review

MSE5777[edit | edit source]

Completed Projects[edit | edit source]

Recycled Concentrated Solar Water Heater[edit | edit source]

3DP Tent[edit | edit source]

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