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My name is Noe A. Martinez.

My hometown is Los Angeles California. I lived in Los Angeles for about 10 years which had a significant affect on me because I witnessed how air quality affects the people who live there. Living near a wind farm located couple of miles away from Palm Springs, has inspired me to look into wind power. I am currently enrolled in Humboldt State and the degree I am studying is Environmental Resources Engineering. My experience is Engr 115 and Engr 215. In Engr 215 (intro to design), I was part of a team (Stark Ind.) which was in charge of the creating a Flock House Hyper Visible Power Meter for the Flock House.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  1. Wind Power (wind turbines)
  2. Solar panels
  3. Air quality

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Intro to Engineering (ENGR 115)
  • Intro to Design (ENGR 215)
  • Comp I and II
  • ASCE Infrastructure Report Card for Humboldt County
  • ASCE Midpac Competition 2014

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  • Final Document for the Hyper Visible Power Meter(done with the assistance of Stark Team). Final Document
  • Example of Memo(done with assistance of Jonathan Roldan). Memo
  • Example of a spread sheet using Microsoft Excel. Alternative solution spread sheet
  • Example of project planning (done with the assistance of Stark Team). Gantt Chart
  • Example of CAD drawing. CAD drawing

Nombre: Noe Adalberto Martinez Diaz
Teléfono en Santo Domingo: 809-840-6018
Dirección en Santo Domingo: C/ Gaspar Polanco #117 ,Analeticia, AptoAOS, Bellavista

Intereses en Tecnología Apropiada[edit | edit source]

  • Energía Renovable (Aerogenerador, pañales solares)
  • La Calidad de Agua

Experencia en Tecnología Apropiada[edit | edit source]

  • Engr 215
  • Competición en ASCE Midpac

Discussion[View | Edit]

Your 2021 impact stats are right here![edit source]

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Hi Noe! We thought you may want know that your top performing pages so far are:

  1. Arroyo Norte sustainable market materials (4 069 page views) Update!
  2. La Yuca renewable energy 2014 (1 839 page views) Update!
  3. La Yuca rainwater catchment 2014 (1 718 page views) Update!
  4. Hullkrete and fiber-crete (1 298 page views) Update!
  5. Flock House Hyper Visible Power Meter (1 066 page views) Update!

Overall, your impact has been of 11,261 page views, woozaa!

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