Introduction[edit | edit source]

Hello, everyone. I was born in Hangzhou, China, and became a regular at a local coffee shop. It was at this particular coffee shop where I met someone who encouraged me to study abroad in Bangkok, Thailand for high school.

After graduating from high school, a friend of mine in Hangzhou recommended that I pursue further education in the United States. That's when I learned about Michigan Technological University, where I completed my Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

During my undergraduate years, I had the opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Joshua Pearce on topics related to open-source 3D printing and Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP). This experience eventually led me to join his research group at the University of Western Ontario.

Experiences[edit | edit source]

- Lab assistant at Open Sustainability Lab at Michigan Technological University

- Engineering Learning Center coach at Michigan Technological University

Projects[edit | edit source]

- Project Engineer for Adaptive Shock Device for Space Aircraft

Publications[edit | edit source]

Economic Impact of DIY Home Manufacturing of Consumer Products with Low-cost 3D Printing from Free and Open Source Designs

  • Pearce, J., & Qian, J. Y. (2022)
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