Rust removal for a bicycle, part of repairing the Pedal Power MEOW at CCAT
Name: Holly Johnston
State: California
Hometown: Murphys

Interest in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • I think that we really need to live the changes we want to see if we are to make a better future and see those changes become a reality. Trying to say "no" to the status quo will only go so far, and I think that Appropriate Technology is a way that we can say "yes" to alternative ways of living.
  • I love Appropriate Technology because it is an opportunity to find really creative solutions to problems in today's world. I am a huge fan of creativity and I love the challenges it presents.
  • I am also interested in learning as much as possible about AT so that I can help to bring ideas and projects into my home and hometown in California.
  • It's been said that community is the true Appropriate Technology, and I think that as people break down barriers and really communicate with each other we build a better world based on understanding and shared experience.

Experience in AT[edit | edit source]

  • WWOOFing in Ireland
  • Work at Outer Aisle Foods: a 2 acre organic farm in Murphys, CA
  • Built a pedal blender/citrus juicer that mostly works (it juices great!)
  • Built a bike generator from a self-powered exercise bike and displayed it at Sierra Green Days, 2013.
  • I went on the 2013 Practivistas Dominicana program led by Lonny Grafman in the Dominican Republic and was part of the Las Malvinas botica popular fiber-crete 2013 project.
  • At Cal Poly Humboldt, I took ENGR 305 and did a project where my partner Garret and I refurbished two stationary exercise bikes for use as pedal power generators (Pedal Power MEOW) for the CCAT MEOW. We managed to get two bikes cleaned up and hooked up to an existing battery system that was also charged by solar power.
  • Part of a comparative analysis project on grocery bags for ENGR 308. (Arcata bags)
  • Random personal experiences, including volunteering at CCAT, personal experiments in upcycling, some varied experience with DIY projects. I like to knit?
  • Helped to organize an Apropedia page on throwing Eco-festivals.
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