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About Me[edit]

I am a Second-year undergraduate student at Michigan Technology University majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I’m a member of the Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise(official website), and a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Prior to college, I Participated in FIRST Robotics program (on Team 5436) and the Boy Scouts of America program (achieving the rank of Eagle Scout), these programs are where I gained my interest in Mechanical Engineering.

Thingiverse Page: User:LBeutler

Instructables Page: User:lobeutler


My interests include; 3D printing, Automation, CNC machining, Robotics, and Scouting.

Open Source Hardware Enterprise[edit]


Semester 1 Fall 2018

GM Robotic Arm: This semester I joined a team working on automating the 3D printing process with the Dexter robotic arm developed by Haddington Dynamics. The 3D printer that we are using to automate the 3D printing process is the Prusa i3 Mk2. To start I was introduced to the functionality of the Dexter robotic arm. I learned the basics of DDE’s (Dexter Development Environment) functionality. I created a short test program to run on the arm with the help of the rest of the members on the, you can find the short program here: Media:Dexter_Introduction_Demo_code.pdf. After my introduction to the arm was complete, we worked on an Ideas for removing 3D prints from the print bed and came up with the idea of removing the print bed itself instead of the print because there will always be a consistent place to grip even if the size and shape of the print changes.

Dexter Modular End Effector: Haddington Dynamics released an update to their end effector for the Dexter robotic arm (Thingiverse files, Documentation). We worked on printing the files and assembled the parts into the receiver and the default gripper on the module. Photos of the receiver and default grabber can be found here:(Media:Modular_Receiver.jpg, Media:Modular_grabber_side.jpg, Media:Modular_grabber_top.jpg).

For a break down of all the materials used in the Dexter Modular end effector, download the BOM here: Media:Dexter_Gripper_BOM.xlsx (not all products are still available at the sources listed)

Semester 2 Spring 2019

GM Robotic Arm: This Semester we updated the firmware on the Dexter robotic arm to the most recent release (Firmware information). The most recent firmware changes support for the RC servo motors, requiring an update to the Demo code. To solve this problem, we changed the EESpan call to “'w' 65 dutycycle” to send a signal directly to its address instead of calling the servo function. A new 3D printing automation demo program can be found here:(will be added soon). We also worked on updating the cage set up for demos, in the update we created new fan mounts and updated the cage’s lighting.

In addition to all of the work on Dexter that we did this semester, I worked on creating in-depth documentation for the 3D printing automation project. I mainly did this because coming into the project the documentation was rather disorganized so putting all of the vital information into one place was a top priority. I updated the project page to reflect the current progress on the project and formatted a PDF document to hold all of the current information and notes on the project that I plan to continually update, the PDF write up contains all of the same information that is on the project page.

Dexter Modular End Effector: This semester I finished construction of the new end Effector for the Dexter robotic arm. To test the end effector we mounted it onto Dexter and attempted to communicate with it on version 1 of the firmware. Due to the fact that version 1 of the firmware doesn't communicate with the type of servos that the new end effector uses we had to update the firmware to the most recent version.

Mostly Printed CNC[edit]

Sumo Bots[edit]