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  • I am a mechanical engineering graduate student at Michigan Technological University, specializing in Manufacturing, Quality, and Design.
  • Contact | +1 906-370-7346

Publication[edit | edit source]

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit | edit source]

  • Increased the efficiency of manufacturing processes by NVA (non-value addition) reduction.
  • Designed ventilated brake disc and performed static structural, thermal, and fatigue analysis on ANSYS.
  • Improvement in toy car manufacturing process using lean tools.

WORK EXPERIENCE[edit | edit source]

Product Development Engineer[edit | edit source]

' Reackon Concrete Pvt. Ltd | Nagpur(OCT 2018- JUN 2019)

  • Identified root causes of the issues and implemented short-term and long-term solutions to quality issues of the molds.
  • Worked with external suppliers and Process Engineers to validate MFMEAs and PFMEAs respectively
  • Collaborated with other departments to plan and assist in improving the manufacturing process and maintaining quality.
  • Made changes to the workstations for better ergonomics and efficiency to increase efficiency by 30%.
  • Streamlined the process by inventory management to reduce the lead times of the process by 65%.
  • Created value stream maps to identify bottlenecks and utilized SMED to increase OEE by 20%.

Production Engineering Intern[edit | edit source]

Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. | Pune, India (JUN 2018-SEP 2018)

  • Led time studies and process improvement studies for various stations to enable production ramp up to 1600 cars/week.
  • Saved $11,673 per month in manufacturing costs while working on energy reduction and cost reduction projects.
  • Improved hood production line to increase production efficiency, from 120 hoods per shift to 180 hoods per shift.
  • Installed Part locating pins for proper installation of the roof over the main body to reduce the quality issues by 15%.
  • Improved overall labor effectiveness (OLE) by 20% using visual aids on shop floor and organizing training sessions.
  • Maintained Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Engineering Standard Work to aid in process improvement.

ENGINEERING PROJECTS[edit | edit source]

Optimization of paper Car manufacturing process using Lean tools[edit | edit source]

  • Simulated given material flow and found 76% reduction in cycle time is possible after using root cause analysis
  • Used lean techniques like VSM, standardized worksheet to decrease the lead time by 82%
  • Improved worker force utilization and reduced number of operators by 25%, using line balancing techniques

Quality control using statistical process control[edit | edit source]

  • Implemented a statistical process control for the process of manufacturing bronze bushing.
  • Analyzed the process capability (Cp and Cpk) and recommended corrective measures for continuous improvement.

Analyzing for process distribution and sampling error[edit | edit source]

  • Performed root cause identification and analysis to identify problems and think of possible solutions.
  • Advanced improvement in process capability by identifying, eliminating the common causes affecting the process

Manufacturing of Bench Vice using Additive Manufacturing Process[edit | edit source]

  • Engaged in machine setup, post-processing for a model printed in Ultimaker S5.
  • Conducted STL file corrections and estimates build and support material budget/prototype cost.

MSE 5621 Open Source Scientific Hardware[edit | edit source]

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