Kimia Ketabforoosh
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Name Kimia Ketabforoosh
Skills Python, Machine Learning, Computer Vision
Interests Transformers, Color Imaging
Registered 2021
Impact 768
Contributions Color-matching using waste plastic: FAST
Digital research alliance GPU: FAST
Strawberry wall:FAST

Academic Background[edit | edit source]

A graduate student at the University of Western Ontario and a member of FAST lab focusing on machine learning and computer vision, possessing extensive expertise in ML algorithms and image analysis, along with practical skills in object segmentation. Proficient in web development and data analytics. Holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering. Enthusiastic about integrating computer vision and color science technologies into 3D printing.

Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Reconstruction of Reflectance Spectra Using Weighted Principal Component Analysis
  • Assisted Project - Colorimetric Characterization of Jeans as Inhomogeneous Surface
  • Review Paper - Impact of UV on sanitizing Surfaces Contaminated by Corona Virus
  • Assisted project - Light Pollution (CIE TC 4-58)

Technical Skills[edit | edit source]

Chemistry[edit | edit source]

  • Fiber and Polymer Synthesis (copolymerization, Suspension Polymerization, etc.)
  • Fabric and Fiber Dying and Printing
  • Surface Treatments (Finishing, After-Treatments)
  • Nonwoven Fabrics
  • Weaving and Knitting Processes

Mathematical[edit | edit source]

  • Programming Languages (Python, C(Fundamentals))
  • Spectral Data Processing
  • Spectral Reconstruction (using PCA, Sparse-PCA and NMF)

Literature Reviews[edit | edit source]

Methods[edit | edit source]

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