Jaquelyn Shur[edit | edit source]


Environmental Science Major at Humboldt State University

Appropriate Technology Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Building with natural materials such as adobe, the implementation of technologies such as rain water collection, composting toilets and photovoltaics that will lessen the footprint of our houses on the earth.
  • Biomimicry, observing the natural patterns of the earth and its ecosystems and designing our human activities to resemble such cradle-to-cradle processes.

My links[edit | edit source]

Criterios[edit | edit source]

  • Banco a banco
  • Durable
  • Vendible
  • Recursos Locales
  • Económico de energía
  • Orientado comunidad
  • Utiliza recursos reanudables
  • Pensamiento de los sistemas
  • Mantención fácil