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I am a master student in computer engineering at Michigan Tech. I have taken Advanced 3D Printing Class by Dr. Pearce. I was a member of Open Source Hardware Enterprise working on Open Source User Interface project. Right now I am a member of MOST research group. My email is handyc@mtu.edu

Projects[edit | edit source]

Picture Project Name Description
IMG 20151008 100751448 preview featured.jpg Rock Wall Project A custom rock wall hold. Source files can be found here : thingiverse.com
Shelf Holder.jpg Viking Mashup Project A triangle shelf holder with celtic knots. I used openscad with celtic knot library from github.com. Source files can be found here : youmagine.com
IMG 20151110 095304616.jpg OSH Science Project Group project at MY4777 Class with team members : Tyler Ernest, Zach Chenier, Josh Lawson, Austin Howland, Albert Cowsky. A dendrometer which is a scientific equipment used to measure the changes in tree diameter due to growth and enviromental factors. Source files can be found here : http://3dprint.nih.gov/
IMG 20151208 095716637.jpg Open Source Appropriate Technology Project A butterfly handlebars designed to fit 25.4 mm clamp. I use freecad with sweep method to build the curvy tube. To assemble the parts, i used the press-fit method from makezine.com. Source files can be found here : libre3d.com
Coat hook with slider base.jpg Big Money Project There are already many 3D Coat hook design on the internet. What i designed is a full multiple coat hook with slider base. The coat hook could be moved left or right along the slider base. The length of the base is also extendable by adding another slider base on the left or right of the existing base. Source files can be found here : libre3d.com
Adjustable PCB Heated Bed.jpg Graduate Delta Mod Project An adjustable PCB heated bed which you can adjust which parts you want to heat up. The full page can be found here : Adjustable Heated Bed
OSHlogo.png Open Source Hardware Enterprise ALS Accessibility Project Team members : Walker Nelson. Investigated different existing computer user interface solutions for ALS patients, chose the best one, and deployed them with the goal of making sure the user interface will help them to still be able to use a computer when their disease progresses. Also developed several custom open source user interface solution. The full page can be found here : Open Source User Interface
Os4pp.png Open-Source Automated Mapping Four-Point Probe My first project at MOST where i try to continue the work of Spencer Allen to develop a sheet resistance measurement device using four point probe method. A RepRap 3-D printer is modified to serve as a automated positioning platform for the measurement. The full page can be found here : Open-Source Automated Mapping Four-Point Probe
CNCRouterParts Printer.jpeg Large Form Factor Open Source FFF-based 3-D Printer for Fabrication of Multi-Cubic Meter Models My second project at MOST where i have to get a CNC machine from CNCRouterParts to work as a large size FFF 3-D Printer. Instruction page for the project can be found here : Using Franklin on a CNC Router Parts 3-D printer
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