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Portable solar charger[edit | edit source]

A portable solar charger is an eletronic charging system that you can carry around with you, and attach it to your bag. It is useful and practical and you can build one yourself. It provides enough energy to charge USB devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, for example.

Solar power[edit | edit source]

Solar is the alternative energy that grew more over the last 5 years, as it grows, photovoltaic panels become more available and cheaper for the population to have home solar energy. Solar growth can be explained because the Sun’s energy is the most reliable source on Earth, we get enough energy to fully provide energy for our technology era. A photovoltaic (PV) panel is a device that absorbs Sun's energy (solar radiation) and turns it into electrical power. A PV cell is similar to a diode; a diode uses a silicon cell that allows electrons to pass through the same direction, one is positive and the other one is negative. Similarly, a PV cell has a flat and thick layer of positive silicon covered by a thin layer of negative silicon and on the bottom a flat metal conductor and on top metal finger light conductors. Once solar radiation hits the surface of the PV cell, photons stay between the positive and negative layers which causes electrons to get out of the holes and go on top of the cell (negative layer), these holes are pushed down towards the bottom (positive layer). By connecting a circuit to these system, electrons leave the negative layer and travel through the circuit in order to reach the available holes on the positive layer. This cycle continues and that is how it generates the electricity to the charger.

Materials needed[edit | edit source]

• USB / DC / Solar Lithium Ion / Polymer charger kit (Figure 2); • Powerboost 500 Basic / USB entry (Figure 2); • Solar panel (Figure 3); • Lithium Ion Battery 2500 mAh (Figure 3); • 2.1 mm DC Barrel plug (Figure 4); • Slide switch (Figure 4); • Soldering tools & screws; • 3D printer with filament & backpack or bag.

Links to a portable solar charger tutorial[edit | edit source]

Adafruit tutorial: https://learn.adafruit.com/solar-charging-handbag/\

Instructable tutorial: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mochila-Solar/?ALLSTEPS

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