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I am an undergraduate student at Cal Poly Humboldt pursuing a degree in Environmental Resources Engineering. Born and raised in southeast Alaska I am an avid snowboarder, folk musician, and public radio volunteer.

Favorite Sites[edit | edit source]

My favorite site on Appropedia is the Breast Milk HIV Shield page. I also like:

This is my public radio station where I volunteer in Alaska: KTOO/KXLL Excellent Radio

My Projects on Appropedia[edit | edit source]

Experiencia en Tecnología Apropiada[edit | edit source]

  • CCAT Cob Building Workshop
  • Rubble Trench Foundations
  • Engineering 215
  • Super Adobe con Juan Hidalgo

Intereses en Tecnología Apropiada[edit | edit source]

  • Super Adobe
  • Grey Water Systems
  • Biodigestors
  • Improving Cookstoves
  • Rainwater Catchment Systems

Engineering Portfolio[edit | edit source]

  • My design group, Team Rubblution, created a rubble trench foundation system that utilizes rubble as a resource and can be recreated in areas of disaster relief. This is the document we created while designing our rubble trench foundation: Rubble Trench.
  • This Gannt Chart shows an example of project planning software.
  • This is a Sample Spreadsheet created during Engineering 115 that represents the exponential growth model of Juneau, Alaska.
  • This is a Sample Memo addressed to Professor Poppendeick about selecting local businesses for our energy audit reviews.
  • This is a sample of an Auto CAD drawing.
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