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Tying Around a Clamp[edit | edit source]

Step-by-step Procedure to Tying Around a Clamp[edit | edit source]

Attach your glove longitudinally in the plastic container using four binder clips
  • Use one binder clip to attach the wrist of the glove to the plastic container
  • Use an additional binder clip to attach the fourth finger to the opposite end of the plastic container
  • Use another binder clip to attach the fifth finger to the side end of the plastic container
  • Use the last binder clip to attach the second finger to the opposite end of the plastic container
Using a haemostat, clamp the base of the second finger
  • Open the jaws of your haemostat with your dominant hand
  • From the side of the second finger that is closest to you, advance the jaws of the haemostat such that they are perpendicular to the finger
  • Advance the haemostat until the entire width of the finger is enclosed in the jaws
  • Clamp closed the haemostat
    • Ensure that you have clamped the haemostat such that you hear only 1 click
    • There is rarely a time when operating on human tissue that you will need to require more than one click on any surgical instrument
Using a pair of forceps and a haemostat, pass the tail of the suture proximal to the clamp
  • In the operating theatre, you will need to guide your assistant to help you pass the suture
Instrument tie a surgical knot around the finger
  • The first knot will be a surgeon's knot
    • Ensure the suture is proximal to the clamp
  • Then remove the haemostat that is clamped to the finger
  • Tighten the surgeon's knot
  • Complete your instrument tie with the appropriate number of knots for the suture material
Cut the suture with appropriate length tails
  • Ensure the tails are not so short that the knot unravels
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