Thrivability is the act of thriving or prospering. It thus goes beyond simply surviving (ie by attaining a livelihoodW and using this to support in your necessities). Thrivability also envisions a vision of sustainability (using a abundant and sustainable way of living) within this act of prospering.

This concept describes ways of being and working in open distributed networks with heightened levels of collaboration, and a certain quality which some may consider as a part of spirituality. This has to do with how we compose ourselves and our work with others, honoring both the whole and the individual in a delicate balance, so we move beyond what spiral dynamics calls the green meme.

Thrivability goes beyond sustainability by including social justice. It is not enough to find ways to sustain life and human life on the planet. Real thrivability means no one gets left behind in poverty, exposed unfairly to disaster, or suffers at the hand of corrupt governments.

Thus thrivability requires a massive shift both in consciousness and in action: incorporating social justice work, environmental efforts, and process arts. We must include all these efforts and also transcend them through our growing understanding of complex adaptive systems and flow patterns.

Fundamentally thrivability is visionary - it is about co-evolving a future we want rather than avoiding a future that terrifies us. It is about acting with enthusiasm toward an opportunity rather than away from catastrophe. It is about becoming a good ancestor.

Most people reading this page will believe in abundance, and thrivability. We believe in using every tool at our disposal to make a better quality of life, building and working within a thriving ecosystem in which there is no waste and which enhances the renewal of natural resources. However, the truth of the matter is that without implementing population management, any environmental measures we take serve no point at all, as rising population numbers eliminate any advantage these measures may have had.

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