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Talk:The Design and Development of a Solar Powered Refrigerator

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I am impressed with the article on solar powered steam refrigeration and would appreciate the opportunity to gain some knowledge from the research. My belief is that all nations are developeing countries but at different levels. By the standards of developed nations a great deal of energy is wasted and a great deal of environmental damage is done finding new sources. Bio methane can be produced anywhere in the world from organic waste generated by human development and is a useful renewable fuel source. localized sewage waste systems and trash disposal can be used for its generation while improveing hygenic conditions in this area. solar or other means can be used to accelerate its production.In developed nations waste steam from cogeneration facilities can be used for the construction of large refrigeration plants for the storage or production of food and medical supplies. it can also be used for the production of cooked foods, purification and distillation of water(includeing sewage) recycleing of various compounds(plastic,Rubber,low temp metals)and the production of bio methane and other renewable fuels.The implementation in any area would improve economics by creating employment developing skills, lowering cost of energy.improve health and living standards throught the conservation of natural resources and improved ecology. I am aware of research done by the U.S. NASA in the areas and believe that there must be others on a large scale but there seems to be no comprehensive collection of these studies I would be interested in Knowing of safer salts than ammonia for the transferance of heat energy. Thank You for this exchange -- comment by Lumbertre, 2 September 2012.


This was added to the end of the article - I removed it, mainly because it's an open access article, not open edit, meaning the page shouldn't be modified. Also, it's quite promotional, rather than informative.

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--Chriswaterguy 06:55, 11 August 2013 (PDT)