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Onset Emmission the last sentence before the formulas needs to be better written

there are a few sentences that could be written a little better, but all and all really interesting.


Thanks for picking out that part. I must have accidentally deleted part of it somewhere along the line. Thank goodness for history :)

peer review[edit source]

This looks amazing. Overall very professional and well organized. Explanations are well done also. My only suggestions would be to get your pictures from the nano-software and possibly make the equations in the work a bit more easy to read.

Ben Sturtz--Benjamin W. Sturtz 10:51, 8 April 2008 (PDT)

Yeah, as far as the equations go, I was trying to use the LaTeX format to make them look nice, but it wasn't working right. I'll have to keep after Dr. Pearce to see if it becomes available on the server.