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I am a freshman working toward a bachelor's degree in physics with minors in honors, math, and nanotechnology at Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I am interested various topics dealing with energy, physics, and chemistry. For my Excursions in Nanotechnology class, I am currently working on various topics dealing with sustainable development, energy and electricity, and, of course, new developments in the ever changing field of nanotechnology.

Topics of Interest[edit]

These various topics are all areas of science that I am currently exploring, either through my nanotechnology class or on my own time.

Current Projects[edit]

  • I have decided to do a research project on gallium arsenide solar cells. Click on the previous link to see the project page. In this page information is given on how a nanotech gallium arsenide solar cell can be fabricated, works, and the benefits to using this type of energy production.

  • A web resource that details the creation and distribution of energy through a self made power-plant. On this page the reader will gain detailed information on how to do everything from creating a power source, routing the electricity, using it efficiently, and even how to trouble shoot the apparatus. Safety measures are also outlined. This was originally a document from the Microfinche Reference Library. Check it out at Rural Electrification Systems.

Search Results[edit]

The following links have material relevant to the research I am conducting. More links to material pertaining to my research is present on the their respective pages.

  • Key Words Photo Voltaic/Nanotechnology
  2. http://yp.chem.tue.nl/pdfs/3973.pdf
  3. http://spie.org/x8481.xml?pf=true&highlight=x2400

  • Key Words gallium arsenide/solar cells
  1. http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/pdf?vid=10&hid=108&sid=aeaf04dc-42b8-4cdb-a6d9-afd068d1d839%40sessionmgr104
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