I built a heckuva greywater system last year and had forgotten about one potential source of greywater for our theme camp ... Melted Cooler water. Do you think that it would be possible that instead of using the water source bucket to siphon from that you could run the hose into your cooler somehow and use the melted cooler water as the evaporated water? Then you are motivated to keep your beer/food cool, and simultaneously be filling your microswamp cooler water resevoir?

That's a great idea for a beer or drink cooler. Just make sure you're gear is nice and clean. For a food cooler, I would be more apprehensive -- make sure nobody spills the mayo (or anything). If you plan on using the food cooler water, just have a couple extra evaporation filters on hand in case something oily or stinky spills. If the water smells at all, you'll be smelling it more when it's evaporated into your living space. I have successfully used my melted cooler water for dish washing too. --GoodSignal 04:31, 13 August 2007 (PDT)

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