We have created Studio!Sus with the goal of integrating the abstract concepts of sustainability into our everyday lives in Cambridge.

As is witnessed by the breadth of topics presented in this publication, there are many tangible ways for concerned individuals to live sustainably. Some use their buying power as consumers to change what type of products are offered (organic + local food, ecolabeling, dining sustainably). Some focus on the social aspects of sustainability through community involvement (community service). Some take advantage of the many environmental and sustainable development resources offered by different departments and centers at MIT (public service center, LFEE: education). Some join a student group or a conference which focuses on these issues (student groups, youth and sustainability). Some try to reduce the amount of pollution and waste generated by their daily activities (transportation, worm composting). Some focus on designing more environmentally-friendly buildings in which to dwell (green architecture local; green architecture). Some view educating others as a way to influence mass behaviour (editorial: education). Maybe one of these aspects will strike a chord in you, or lead to other approaches to putting sustainability into practice.

And may you, the reader, find this publication useful as we all try to figure out our place at MIT and in the larger world community.

Download it for yourself:

  1. Print out double sided and fold in half to make your own brochure!
  2. Print out double sided and staple, but do not fold.

Boldface above indicates article titles.

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