• The abstract is a succinct, one paragraph, summary of this writeup (from background to results and conclusions).


  • This section is the background of the project. Describe the reason, client , coauthors, and why it is important.

Problem statement

  • The problem statement should state clearly what your spreadsheet will be answering, with a little bit about
  • The problem statement should state explicitly what metrics you will be using for


  • If your excel sheet has thorough instructions, the instructions in the writeup can be brief and refer to the excel (and use a screenshot or two), otherwise, be very specific (and use screenshots). Make sure to link to your spreadsheet here.


  • This section is a reference, thorough justification of your assumptions and values. Use references you gained during your literature review to back these up. Using automatic references in this section is best.


  • Describe overall concrete results based upon assumptions. Use graphs throughout the results section.
  • This should have metric (e.g. carbon, cost, etc) subsections to describe the results for each metric based on specific assumptions.


  • What assumptions change the results the most? What are you surprised by? Whereas conclusions are concrete and quantitative, discussion is more qualitative.

Next steps

  • Describe things to change and ways to expand the model.


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