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24, rue de la Ri�ze
B-5660 Couvin (Cul-des-Sarts)
Tel. [ . . 32] 60 - 37 76 71
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The TERSTARAM Ground Breaker was specially designed to prepare soil of a grain size suitable for the production of compressed earth blocks and burnt clay bricks and tiles. The pulverizer is of the squirrel cage type, consisting of two cage rotors made of 4 easily removable high carbon steel square rods. The rotors are parallel and counter-rotate at 750 rpm., whereby the dry soil lumps are crushed by the impact of the rods.

Power is transmitted from a 2.2 kW (= 3 hp) electric motor, or 4.5 hp Hatz diesel engine, by means of double belts. Depending on the moisture content of the raw material, the final grain size of the soil varies from 0.1 to 20 mm. The maximum output is 9 m3/h, depending on the quality of raw material.

The machine is equipped with two wheels for easy transportation and daily cleaning operations.

Operating the Ground Breaker

Before operating the machine, it must be setup on its telescopic legs. When the engine has reached its maximum speed, the workers start to feed the machine with shovels or by means of a conveyor belt' through the hopper located above the rotors.

The TERSTARAM Ground Breaker is based on the principle of pulverization of the lumps by impact, hence it gives best results when the earth is dry. An adjustable shutter prevents particularly large clods from passing through. The pulverized soil is collected in a wheelbarrow or in the hopper of a conveyor belt and then transported to a mixer or the mixing area.

Daily maintenance is facilitated by easily accessible greasing points. Since the belts and other replaceable parts are of standard sizes, spare parts are available from any local car parts retailer. All the revolving parts are protected from direct contact with the soil, thus only the removable square rods have to withstand wear and tear.

TERSTARAM Ground Breaker - electric

TERSTARAM Ground Breaker - diesel

Size of machine (length x width x height)

130 x 100 x 155 cm (51 x 39 x 61 in)

130 x 100 x 155 cm (51 x 39 x 61 in)

Weight of machine

430 kg

448 kg

Size of crate for shipment

140 x 110 x 170 cm (55 x 43 x 67 in)

140 x 110 x 170 cm (55 x 43 x 67 in)

Weight of packed machine

580 kg

598 kg

Energy input

  1. 2 kW (3 hp) 220/380 V

5 hp /0.9 hp

Rotating speed of drums

750 rev/min

750 rev/min

Volumetric output

up to about 9 m³/hour

up to about 9m³/hour

Labour force required

1 - 2 workers

1 - 2 workers

Price (ex works)


98000 FB(~2800 US0


138000 FB (~ 4000 US0

valid June 1991

Seaworthy packing

6900 FB (~ 200 US0

Seaworthy packing

6900 FB (~ 200 US0

FB = Belgian Francs

Spare parts kit

10600 FB (~ 300 US0

Spare parts kit

10600 FB (~ 300 US0

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