Soda Rope in Action.png

Strips of plastic from a soda bottle can be used to lash poles together, and if you hit the lashing with a heat gun, then it shrinks a little bit, making for a super tight hold.

Project[edit | edit source]

Soda Rope Stripper.png
Soda Rope Stripper in Action.png

Why strips from a soda bottle? Because upcycling material is better than recycling. Additionally, plastic bottles are practically free, and if you are in a resource scarce part of the world, then this can be a great value.

There are lots of instructables, blogs, and YouTube videos out there documenting how to make PET soda bottle strippers. This particular stripper is made using easily accessible materials and common tools - no need for metal working like many of the other strippers.

The full documentation for this version is available on instructables:

Note: this device was made at the Nepal Communitere during the 2016 Mini Maker Faire.

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