The Seradisc 2" variable screen filter

Whatever system of water delivery is used, it is crucial that adequate screening is provided to protect the pump and system. Conventional water pump screen filters offer relatively low performance against the ingress of debris and air which may cause excessive wear to the pump. Air and cavitationW are the two things that dramatically affect pump performance and longevity. Air induced into a pump will interfere with the hydraulic action and significantly decrease its efficiency, requiring it to operate for longer periods at an increased temperature and thereby consuming more power and decreasing the life of the pump. The Seradisc[1] variable screen filter has been specifically developed by Water Powered Technologies Ltd[2] of BudeW, Cornwall, for the protection of water pumps from cavitation and the ingress of potentially damaging particulatesW.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The Seradisc filter is supplied as an easy self-assembly modular pack and includes 16x150 mm diameter discs as standard which will screen particulates of approximately 4mm and above. Screening of smaller particulates is achieved by installing additional discs (available separately) onto the assembly. The maximum number of discs that should be installed using one unit is 42. This will provide particulate screening of approximately 0.1mm and above. Body components are manufactured using ABSW, while the flexible discs are manufactured from PolycarbonateW. Connection to a pump inlet hose is by the 2" BSP female adaptor or the flexible coupling (supplied). The total weight of the filter is 1 kg.

conventional can-type filter
Seradisc disc
Flow thru the Seradisc filter
Add extra discs for finer particulate screening

Performance[edit | edit source]

By configuring a number of filters in series, the flow rate will remain the same as for one filter. However, the benefit is that the cleaning interval is increased.

Particulate sizes are calculated. Due to the flexible nature of the discs, Seradisc filters fitted with lower numbers of discs may allow ingress of particulates slightly larger than as indicated on the graph.

Flow values
Flow values when connected in parallel
Filters in parallel
Filters in series

Applications[edit | edit source]

Main applications for the Seradisc filter are with suction pumps and also pumps with gravity-supplied water. The filters may be manifolded in a variety of arrangements. An optional stainless steel screen protector cage can easily be fitted to the Seradisc unit, protecting it from obtrusive obstacles and impact damage. The cage also includes a threaded hole and float, allowing the assembly to sit just below the water surface avoiding undue agitation and ingestion of the lower lying sediment and debris.

Various Seradisc manifold arrangements
Seradisc protector cage
Seradisc protector cage and float

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