ABSTRACT[edit | edit source]

Kingston's Alternative Energy Cluster

Introduction[edit | edit source]

SWITCH is an incorporated not-for-profit association, founded in 2002, based in Kingston, Ontario, with a mission to make the south-eastern Ontario region a centre for sustainable energy. We have over 140 members including businesses, farmers, public institutions, researchers, educators, consultants, and students. Our members work all along the supply chain for solar, wind, geothermal, and bio-energy as well as energy conservation, green building, public policy, technical training, and public education.

SWITCH presents its first conference and exhibition: Green Profit - Sustainable Solutions for Increasing Your Bottom Line MARCH 20, 21, 2011

Delegate Fee: $150.00

Kingston-Waterfront Holiday Inn Kingston, Ontario

Visit greenprofit.ca to view the program, speakers and to register!

A Conference and Exhibition presenting real world solutions to:

  • Reduce the financial and environmental cost of energy for businesses, organizations and municipalities
  • Drive economic growth in your region
  • Green your business or organization's economic future

Join the Ontario innovators and leaders in business, industry, economic development, policy, research and the public sector that are creating a sustainable energy future, for this dynamic conference and exhibition in historic downtown Kingston, Ontario.

greenprofit offers you the opportunity to:

  • Implement key strategies to save money and reduce business risk
  • Profit from provincial and regional conservation initiatives
  • Investigate financing your sustainable energy installations
  • Apply successful business cases from green sectors
  • Spark collaborations
  • Network with green economy leaders and decision makers
  • Learn about the latest sustainable energy innovations
  • Collaborate on and develop best practices for green economic development
  • Access a simple and effective tool to measure your carbon footprint
  • Establish and expand your visibility with potential clients and customers

Services[edit | edit source]

Consult SWITCH's Energy Digest (http://switchontario.ca/wiki) for in-depth details on the microFIT program...including a calculator of returns (http://switchontario.ca/wiki/doku.php?id=microfit:pv_cost_spreadsheet), a list of installers and resellers, the latest info on monthly and meter installation fees, etc. Note: after the class, if anyone needs a version of the spreadsheet which can handle large values, it may be downloaded from (http://switchontario.ca/files/Queens_microFIT_P&L--SWITCH.xls).

Handout for this class: can be downloaded from http://switchontario.ca/files/Calculator_of_IRR_Handout.pdf

SWITCH often provides services, or is available for consultations, on a confidential basis. We would be happy to accept any request that you have to keep certain information confidential. However, one of SWITCH's main activities is networking services. Unless otherwise requested, you should expect that information which the SWITCH staff learns in communications with you might be used to make progress on our mission of making the Kingston region a centre for sustainable energy.

Acknowledgments[edit | edit source]

SWITCH thanks the members of SWITCH for their financial support and would like to acknowledge financial support from the Community Adjustment Fund and the Community Go-Green Fund.

Contact details[edit | edit source]

Executive Director: Norm Ruttan

945 Princess St., main floor Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6 Tel: 613-457-6700 x129 or x130 Fax: 613-547-8125

http://switchontario.ca/ info@switchontario.ca

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