Problem being addressed[edit | edit source]

Diarrhea is a leading cause of global child mortality and morbidity, with most cases resulting from contaminated food and water sources. There is a need for inexpensive, quick detection of the pathogens and bacteria that cause diarrheal diseases so that patients can be treated properly and quickly.

Detailed description of the solution[edit | edit source]

RIDA QUICK Combi test is a dipstick test used to determine the presence of rotaviruses and/or adenoviruses in stool samples. One dips the strip in a minimally processed stool sample. The strip, which contains a blue and/or red stripe indicator, produces results with high specificity and accuracy within five minutes.

Designed by[edit | edit source]

  • Designed by: Institute of Tropical Medicine and International Health, Charite, University of Medicine, Berlin, Germany
  • Manufacturer: R-Biopharm AG
  • Manufacturer location: Darmstadt, Germany. Distributors are available worldwide.

When and where it was tested/implemented[edit | edit source]

This device was tested at the Bulpeila Health Center in Tamale, Northern Ghana.

References[edit | edit source]

Peer-reviewed publication[edit | edit source]

Weitzel, Thomas, et al. (2007). Field Evaluation of a Rota- and Adenovirus Immunochromatographic Assay Using Stool Samples from Children with Acute Diarrhea in Ghana. Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 45(8), 2695-2697.

Internally generated reports[edit | edit source]

R-Biopharm. (2011) RIDA®QUICK Rotavirus/Adenovirus Combi (dipsticks). Link available here.

IP and copyright[edit | edit source]

RIDA QUICK Rotavirus/Adenovirus Combi is a registered trademark, but the reviewer could not find a copyright for the technology itself.

Discussion[View | Edit]

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