RF diffuser[edit | edit source]

Acoustics and audio technology[edit | edit source]

Kleiner, Mendel, "Acoustics and Audio Technology (3rd Edition)" J. Ross Publishing, Inc., 188-190, 2012

general idea

IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Antennas[edit | edit source]

, "IEEE Standard Test Procedures for Antennas" ANSI/IEEE Std 149-1979, 40-42, 1979

anechoic chamber basics

Design, Evaluation and Use of a Reverberation Chamber for Performing Electromagnetic Susceptibility/VulnerabilityMeasurements[edit | edit source]

Crawford, M.L. and Koepke, G.H., "An investigation on distortion of PLA thin-plate part in the FDM process" U.S. Department of Commerce, National Bureau of Standards, 2-5, 1986

reverberation basics

Chebyshev multilevel absorber design concept[edit | edit source]

J. R. J. Gau and W. D. Burnside and M. Gilreath, "Chebyshev multilevel absorber design concept" IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 1286-1293, 1997

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