RF Transmitter
RF Transmitter.png
OCI Page: RF Transmitter
Input: 9V, single ended signal
Output: Antenna Output

This is a design from the Open Circuit Institute. More can be found HERE.

Description[edit | edit source]

A simple Radio Frequency Transmitter. The circuit includes a DC rejection capacitor, input low pas filter, and a resonant circuit for AM modulation. A tunable capacitor is used in order to generate a resonating carrier.

The design could be built on significantly - perhaps by adding an antenna trace rather than outgoing terminals. Add buffering circuits. Perhaps add input and output amplifiers. Add a simple mixer for an external modulator. The possibilities for extension are endless.

This design is made with reference to a design in Practical Electronics for Inventors, Third Edition

Design Files & Videos[edit | edit source]

Available at the Open Circuit Institute: http://opencircuitinstitute.org/content/rf-transmitter

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