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The Rag Doll Thermal Curtain Display

The objective of this project is to educate people about Energy conservation. This will be accomplished by designing an interactive demonstration displaying one or more aspects of energy conservation, for the Redwood Coast Energy Authority.

Implementation Instructions[edit | edit source]

The Rag Doll covers the window in the back room of the RCEA. When the curtain is closed it reduces the energy loss through the window. Since the window is north facing, light from the sun will not enter directly at any time of the year. Thus, in order to achieve maximum efficiency, the curtain should be drawn whenever the weather requires the use of indoor heating and no natural light is needed.

To open the curtain, the left side is pulled across the window to the right. The collected curtain on the right side is secured with a piece of fabric attached to the wall. To close the curtain, the piece of fabric is released and the left side is pulled across the window. The left edge is secured by pulling open the spring-loaded flap, inserting the curtain behind the flap, and closing the flap onto the curtain. The bottom is secured in the same manner as the edge.

Maintenance Cost[edit | edit source]

The Rag Doll Thermal Curtain Display is designed to last for many years without the need to replace any components. However, there are some maintenance tasks that are required to keep the curtain looking good and working properly. The curtain fabric should be vacuumed when necessary to remove dust and blemishes. The hinges on the flaps should be lubricated by applying oil to the hinge pin once a year. The rod, flaps, and their hardware should be checked for loose screws or loose parts and if found they should be tightened. The pamphlet should be updated with the current information for companies listed as suppliers of curtain related materials.

These maintenance tasks can be completed with negligible cost, approximately less than $10 per year. This cost includes running the vacuum, the cost of oil for the hinges and the supplies for printing out new pamphlets if necessary.

Documents[edit | edit source]

PowerPoint Presentation

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