RAVAGEP is a Haitian grass roots organization located in Bwa Nèf (Bois Neuf), in the nortg of Cité Soleil, Port-au-Prince. RAVAGEP was founded by Samuel Cadet (shown in the image to the right) to promote community growth and education. Some of the programs RAVAGEP has facilitated include environmental seminars, HIV/AIDS education seminars, sports programs, a work party to construct a community toilet, and the upkeep of two community gardens.

The garden is a valuable resource for the community, but the water that runs into it is heavily polluted. Cité Soleil is the last stop for a canal that flows through and is used by many other communities in Port-au-Prince. At the garden the canal is unsanitary and dangerously polluted. RAVAGEP has conducted and is undergoing various permaculture experiments in the garden to improve production methods. RAVAGEP has worked with Haiti Communitere to explore ways to clean the water and for community project ideas like building benches out of upcycled materials.

In 2014, RAVAGEP moved its focus to a vegetable garden/community space out of the flood zone of the canal. This is a place to run trainings as well as a demonstration of growing amaranth, moringa and various vegetables.

The garden.
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