Portable Exam Table

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About this medical device
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Status Prototype
Made? No
Replicated? No
Designed in United States
Replicated in Africa
Health topic Maternal mortality
Health classification Diagnosis
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Hardware CC BY-SA 4.0
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Problem being addressed[edit | edit source]

Women have limited opportunities to see a gynecologist in rural Ghana, where access to care, health resources and personnel are scarce. In order for a physician to practice effectively, it is crucial for him/her to have an adequate examination table especially in limited-resource settings. Exams are difficult without a proper examination table.

Detailed description of the solution[edit | edit source]

The device is a portable table designed to be carried in a backpack. The device has an adjustable trunk height and collapsible frame. The device is also padded and includes stirrups.

Design[edit | edit source]

Design: The Portable Exam Table was designed at the University of Michigan. The idea was first developed by a group of 12 undergraduate students during the summer of 2008 in Ghana. Link available here.

When and where it was tested/implemented[edit | edit source]

This device was tested and surveyed in Ghana.

References[edit | edit source]

Peer-reviewed publication[edit | edit source]

Perosky, Joseph E., Adam P. Gienapp, Rebecca N. Rabban, Anthony A. Ofosu, James G. T. Bradshaw, and Kathleen H. Sienko. "Designing a Portable Gynecological Examination Table: Improving Access to Antenatal Care in Rural Ghana." International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering 7.1 (2012): 1-14. Print.