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Education about photovoltaic cells[edit | edit source]

  • Solar Power Naturally in the classroom - The curricular materials created for the School Power. The program includes 64 lessons that meet learning standards for New York State students in grades 5 through 12.
  • A paper about harnessing the green purchasing power of universities to catalyze solar photovoltaic economies of scale: Joshua M. Pearce, "Catalyzing Mass Production of Solar Photovoltaic Cells Using University Driven Green Purchasing", International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 7(4), pp. 425 – 436, 2006.
  • Solar Power Beginner - An online resource that provides a basic understanding of photovoltaics and how they work. Features information on crystalline and thin-film solar panels as well as interviews with experts in the field.
  • Solar Installation Guide - An online solar PV hub providing an understanding of installation and maintenance of solar PV energy systems.

Web sites for current information on PV[edit | edit source]

Current production: 10.7GW in 2009 [1]

Useful government web sites on PV[edit | edit source]

How to Afford PV Now[edit | edit source]

Designing Your Own PV system[edit | edit source]

General Resources[edit | edit source]

Misc[edit | edit source]

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