a chat for all permies in all languages (and a common good)
info & invitations :
permiechat welcomes friends from all communities, for example :, Permaculture News, reddit Permaculture, ... (more to come soon)

The idea behind this chat is to create synergy between different people from all places around the world

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Chat organization[edit | edit source]

Channel naming (draft proposal)[edit | edit source]

discuss in the permiechat

Channels with no prefix[edit | edit source]

a few channels : #general, #tests, #random, #slack-organization have no prefix

Channels with language prefixes[edit | edit source]

channels in a specific language (but no specific country/area) have a language prefix (en_, fr_, ...) :

for example :

  • #en_permaculture : permaculture channel in english
  • #en_chat-planning : channel to plan future chats in english
  • #fr_accueil

Channels with regional/local prefixes[edit | edit source]

channels in a specific area have regional prefixes

for example :

  • #fr-idf-paris-t12 : transition paris 12e
  • #fr-idf-paris-t12-ic : transition paris 12e incroyables comestibles

Channels with a private (_) suffix[edit | edit source]

private channels for workgroups

for example :

  • fr-idf-t-com_ : (french) Groupe de travail "communication transition idf"

Channels list[edit | edit source]

See Permiechat/channels

Current admins/owners of[edit | edit source]

* More to come soon !!!! admins and help wanted :) :D !!!! *

See also : Roles and permissions in Slack

Current admins[edit | edit source]

Current owners[edit | edit source]

Primary owner[edit | edit source]

Invited People :[edit | edit source]

  • (Paul Wheaton : not interested) Chris Watkins (accepted on Aug 3 2016), Lonny Grafman, François-Olivier Devaux (Invited by Pierro78 (talk) 04:27, 23 June 2016 (PDT) )

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

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Tools to receive email invitation requests[edit | edit source]

facebook[edit | edit source]

admins : espritangel, madan, pierro78

=> editors/admins from all over the world needed to answer invitation requests ! :)