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Paul Wheaton is a permaculture advocate who promotes its ability to solve many of the world's problems. He was dubbed the 'Duke of Permaculture' by both Geoff Lawton and Sepp Holzer.

Paul Wheaton spreads permaculture in many, many ways: his youtube channel, podcasts, presentations, facebook, workshops and events at Wheaton Labs, articles, appearances on radio shows, and much more. Paul is the owner of,, richsoil, Wheaton Labs, an organic master gardener program, and Permaculture Design Course.

He offers a Permaculture Design Course and Garden Master Course available for viewing at home, The PDC course incorporates 177 hours of video taken from the 2017 Permaculture Design Course and Appropriate Technology Course held at Wheaton Labs.

He began his journey toward permaculture innovation in 1995. At that time, he had created Bananacom, a program used to communicate between computers. He received his Advanced Master Gardener certificate in 1997, and started writing articles about permaculture techniques in 1999 (he also started a forum to discuss java programming at the same time). Five years later, in 2004, Paul started up his permaculture forums.

Wheaton is also an advocate of appropriate technology. He sponsors workshops and training events at Wheaton Labs where attendees can develop sustainable low tech skills. Entitled the Permaculture Technology Jamboreeand Skills to Inherit Property, these annual events educate and train people in many low technology skills, along the way discovering ways to lessen their impact on the environment.

Paul Wheaton presented at TEDx Whitefish in 2014 on the subject of Really Saving Energy. More recently Paul spoke at the Idaho Panhandle Preparedness Expo in Sandpoint, ID on Oct 1-2, 2022. He gave presentations on rocket mass heater technology and another on passive solar greenhouses. The passive solar greenhouse utilizes Paul's innovative development of the wofati natural building techniques of Mike Oehler. These have uses beyond greenhouses, including food storage and nearly undetectable underground (or partially underground) dwellings.

Earlier this year in May, Paul spoke at the Exit and Build Summit in Austin, TX. He gave presentations on building permaculture communities and another program on connecting elderly people who have land (but no one to bequeath it to) with industrious young people (who want land but can't afford it.) The program is called SKIP: Skills to Inherit Property, and is an educational and training program designed to impart homesteading skills. These 'industrious young people' may not have all the skills needed to take over the responsibilities of a homestead. SKIP is unique in that there is a specific, dedicated curriculum geared for an intended practical outcome.

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